• 'Of Time and the Sea' 2min clip
  • 'Of Time and the Sea' 2min clip
  • 'Of Time and the Sea' 2min clip

'Of Time and the Sea' 2min clip


2min clip from feature 'Of Time and the Sea'
d. Pete Sant

Trailer on home page and above plus another clip alongside this.

trailer for 94min. film

“For his debut feature film, Peter Sant takes us to 'First Island', the first of an imaginary archipelago of three islands inhabited by a spectrum of imagined characters; from the remnants of Shakespearean drama to characters from an unknown fantasy series. A weakening king, his two daughters (the younger of which is committed to forced labour building an enclosing dry stone wall), a Chinese billionaire, as well as a restless musician and many more figures inhabit this island. Metaphysical seeds grow between the stones of this bleak and wonderful landscape. Filmed in Malta, this singular and delightful adventure has shades of Beckett in its seriousness, fun and sharpness, all windswept away by a scathing humour.”

(by Jean-Pierre Rehm- excerpt from FID Marseille programme 2018)

Red Helium 8K S35 DSMC2